Sample Treatment Plans

Patient 1

She twisted her ankle while playing pickleball over the weekend. Has pain and swelling, difficulty walking, unable to drive or go to work.

Acute (typically 1-4 weeks post injury)

2-3 Zoom check - ins per week as needed. Frequent email check-ins as needed. Focus of this treatment plan is to minimize further injury, manage symptoms (RICE), education regarding what to do and not to do to treat injury and prevent worsening of injury. Emphasis on decreasing pain, swelling as appropriate, increased range of motion (ROM) and minimizing time lost to injury. Initiation of a gentle ROM exercise program to assist with recovery of ROM.

Patient 2

Started doing some fall clean-up in the yard. Seems to always have a sore back from Fall to Spring between racking leaves, shoveling snow and gardening. Notices he doesn't quite recover between episodes anymore.

Chronic (typically 3 months or more post injury)

Zoom and email check-ins once a week or every other week as needed. Emphasis on correcting any muscle imbalances, habits or underlying issues that have developed that are impacting full recovery. Personalized exercise program designed to address these specific issues to assist with full recovery that is progressed and updated as needed. Ability to message me within exercise program regarding specific exercises. Focus of education on maintaining good habits and follow through with program for lasting results.