About Me

I graduated from Simmons University in Boston, MA with an MA in Physical Therapy in '99 and returned to Simmons in 2006 to earn a Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy. I have spent my time since college as a physical therapist on the South Coast of Massachusetts and have worked in a variety of settings from outpatient to home care and everywhere in between. Working for Hawthorn Medical I specialized in treating, shoulder injuries/pre and post op, neurological disorders as well as a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders.
My approach to problem solving is to listen to patients describe the nature of their injury or pain and recognizing the need to address the underlying contributing factors to facilitate a long-term recovery. I recognized the importance of having the patient be a partner in their recovery while emphasizing education, targeted exercises, and measured progression. My goal is always for the patient to have the fullest recovery possible while also being able to manage their program and any events along the way.

Through a combination of patient education, targeted exercises, personal accountability and exercise progression I am able to assist patients in accomplishing their goals, ensuring that they are a partner in their own recovery, which allows for a more complete recovery and a return to those activities they love. All accomplished right from their mobile device.

Why We Do This?

I developed Shannon Lynne Physical Therapy to allow me to take back some control and be the PT that I am and want to continue to be. Without the influence of insurance companies, I can provide patients with the individualized attention they need, the personalized treatment programs designed to address their specific issues and education to help them understand the nature of their injury, what to do to treat it and how to avoid reinjury. My goal is for a patient to maximize their recovery with knowledge regarding what exercises to do to recover, what they can do to prevent reinjury, and, if they are reinjured, the steps to take to fully recover. I assist people all around the U.S. with their physical therapy needs - right from their mobile device.