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Convenience and Flexibility to Access Your Program - Anytime, from Anywhere.

Choose our premier physical therapist in Marion, MA

Shannon Lynne Physical Therapy provides you with what you need the most to help you succeed: access, accountability, education, and exercise progression, all conveniently accessed from your mobile device.

Your physical therapist will answer questions, provide guidance and accountability, and progress your personalized program as needed.

We are a fully web-based service utilizing the app Exercise Pro Live

We've helped patients of all kinds

With over 23 years of experience, our physical therapist has seen it all when it comes to therapy sessions. You can turn to us if you need:

Through our physical therapy services, we'll also focus on patient education and accountability. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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Why choose Shannon Lynne Physical Therapy?

  • I provide patients with a comprehensive personalized treatment plan that combines patient education, targeted exercises, and personal accountability to assist patients in achieving their goals.
  • I "meet" with patients over zoom to discuss their specific injury and needs and then develop a personalized treatment program for them. The treatment program includes a specific exercise plan that can be accessed on a mobile device as well as a combination of intra-app messaging, email and zoom check-ins for education, accountability, and exercise progression.
  • My goal is always to educate the patient on the proper way to treat their problem, what to do to avoid the issue again, what steps to take for them to manage the problem if it happens again and to ensure long-term recovery.

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"If you are looking for a remote rehabilitation option, facilitated by an extremely knowledgeable, caring and genuine physical therapist, then Shannon is the medical professional you should choose."

Bradley Richard

"Shannon Lynne Physical Therapy is a Lifesaver! I will never stop recommending her! They are so knowledgeable and super helpful!"

Carol J

"I have utilized the physical therapy services of Dr Shannon several times. She excels at getting to the bottom of the issue and coming up with a program that is easy to follow and successful."

Michael P.